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Label Tools - Label Kiss-cut

Label Tools | Label Dies

Label tools are manufactured to be used on various machines i.e. Gallus, flatbed, hot foil machines and cylinder presses.

Label Tools are manufactured for food and packaging industries and supermarkets and all label dies are manufactured to high tolerances.
All label dies are made to a very high standard giving the customer quality and peace of mind.

The blade hieght and thickness:     23.80 x 0.71 mm, or 12.00 x 0.40 mm
Plywood thickness:                        18 or 9 mm

Our service is fast, efficient, reliable and competitvely priced. Label tools can be manufactured by using samples or drawings.

If you have any queries then please let us know.


Label - Die Cutting Tool
Label - Die Cutter
Kiss-Cut Label
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