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Puzzle Die Cutting - Puzzle Cutter

Unique dies. Diversity of pieces and patterns.

The most important thing for a puzzle is for all of its pieces to be different from each other. This is the most important criteria in puzzles with a large number of pieces, as it would be impossible to finish the puzzle if the same piece fit in different places. On the market, there are many dies that do not fulfill this requirement and, therefore, you should make sure that your puzzle has unique dies so that you'll be sure you can put it together.

The blade:                                            DOUBLE EDGE SPECIAL CUTTING RULE
The blade hieght and thickness:              23.80 x 0.71 mm
Height and thickness of the blade frame: 23.80 x 1.10 mm
Plywood thickness:                                18 mm 
Standard puzzle cutter:
                                    A3 - 10 x 7   70 pieces
                                    A4 -   5 x 7   35 pieces
                                    A5 -   6 x 4   24 pieces

If you need an individual tool, please send us your idea.

If you have any queries then please let us know.

Puzzle Die Cutting Tools
Puzzle Die Cut Tools
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